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In 2014, Award Nexus helped members redeem more than twenty-thousand awards, using more than 1.1 billions miles.

The most typical search in Award Nexus is for an International First / Business class award for two people.

Every day, Award Nexus performs thousands of automated searches, tracking award availability across tens of thousands of flight combinations.

Award Nexus members typically value each of their international premium awards at $2500 - $4000 per person.

Award Nexus Premium Membership

A range of premium membership is available, for members who are serious about redeeming for their upcoming award trips and want to maximize their award value.

Each premium membership purchase comes with a set one-time premium point deposit, plus full access to all the advanced features of the site, valid for as long as you have one premium point remaining in your account.

Premium Options

Exclusive first-time member offer - Enjoy a limited-time 140% Bonus Pass on Premium Advanced or Premium Expert purchases!

Premium Basic

  • Works well for beginning members
  • Include 500 points
  • Great for 1-2 upcoming trips!
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

59 USD
Buy now
Newbie friendly

Premium Advanced

  • Include 1000 points
  • Special 140% bonus pass
  • Up to 8 premium awards!
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

129 USD
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Best value!

Premium Expert

  • Include 2000 points
  • Special 140% bonus pass
  • Up to 16 premium awards!
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

249 USD
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For highly complex or 10+ trips

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Premium Advantages

Award Nexus has been designed from the ground up to be a high-quality, advanced award search engine. On average, searches in Award Nexus can return 20% more results improvements, compared to a standard award search.

By using Award Nexus, you can effortlessly initiate searches across dozens of routes or combinations, and easily review the thousands of flight options for your trip, without fear that you may be missing some options.

For high-value international premium awards, this 20% improvement ratio directly translates to hundreds of dollars in enhancements for each award that you book.

Here are examples of how Award Nexus Premium Membership can maximize your award redemption:

Use obscure routes

You are planning a vacation to Thailand 10 months away.

Your first call to the airline phone line did not find anything. By searching using all Star Alliance airline sites in Award Nexus, you discovered an obscure and backtrack route, found only by one of the airline sites that you don't usually use.

Miss no option

You are redeeming a summer family trip to Europe.

Using Award Nexus, you did a 21-day search for award availability from San Francisco to London, and discovered that only day 19 has four first class award available. The Web Viewer calendar display ensured that you did not miss this only day with available award for your whole family.

Upgrade your award

You already booked a ticket to Shanghai, in AA first class.

By setting up an automated search and keeping it running for 4 weeks, you found newly released award options, and was able to to switch to first class on Cathay Pacific.

Cut connection time

You ticketed an award returning from Sydney to Chicago. But because of lack of availability, you are forced to have an overnight layover in Los Angeles.

By setting up an automated search for your travel day and keeping it running for 3 months, you eventually found an earlier same-day flight, cutting 15 hours of overnight layover and a hundred dollars in lodging.

* these are actual improvements that Award Nexus premium members enjoy on a daily basis.

I am a beginner. Is premium membership right for me?

Yes. A number of features in Award Nexus are very beginner-friendly.

For starter, Award Nexus aggregates a large number of award sources that you may not have previously been aware of, and makes it easy to search them with one click.

Further, because the searches you do are automatically customized for each airline sites, you can be sure that the results that you get are consistently of a high-quality, without the learning curve it takes to master the use of each airline site.

On a daily basis, beginner members found flights using Award Nexus that they couldn't otherwise find themeselves, either because they didn't know where to search, or they missed it while in the process of scanning hundreds of flights.

I am an expert. Is premium membership right for me?

Sure. For an expert, the value of an Award Nexus Premium Membership lies in the time saved and the certainty that you are not missing anything.

As an expert who may have redeemed dozens of awards, you are familiar with limitations of many airline sites (or phone agent), and have probably developed ways to workaround them. However, the advantage of using Award Nexus is that you get the same high-quality search experience every time.

Further, a number of features in Award Nexus have been designed expressly for experts, such as using Search Builder to manually search segment-by-segment. This is an extremely poweful technique, but also takes a long time to do manually, with a high risk that you could miss something. In contrast, searching with Award Nexus speeds up the search process, while making it more likely that you will not miss any option.

In addition, you will appreciate tools such as Distance Pricer, which helps you quickly compare mileage cost across dozens of mileage programs, or Route Explorer, which helps you explore obscure or unusual routes that may be the only way to redeem an award.

What is a point?

When you use Award Nexus, you use 1 point to search 1 day, on 1 airline site, in 1 cabin.

For example, a small search for 3 days will use only 3 points, while an 2-week-long scan of 2 weeks, using 2 separate airline sites, will take 28 points (14 x 2).

How many points do I need to search for my trip?

On average, it takes 100 points to plan one international one-way trip (200 for roundtrip), while shorter domestic flights take less than 30 points to search.

While automated search usage varies, typically it takes about 100 - 150 points to monitor a segment for a month (3 - 5 points per automated search, over 30 days).

I don't like being charged per search. Seems like this is expensive?

Not at all. If you do the math, you will see that it usually cost $5 - $10 to search for each one-way first class or business class flight. This is comparable to the price of 2 - 3 cups of coffee in some airports!

Remember that Award Nexus has been designed for finding high-value first class and business class awards, as well as complex multi-city awards in any class. Consider the typical 20% improvement ratio, you can easily derive hundreds of dollars in benefits, all for the price of a few cups of coffee.

Charging a modest fee for each search is a unique feature of Award Nexus. By charging a fee, Award Nexus can afford to employ the full-range of intense optimizations that makes it a High-Quality Award Search Engine. If all your want is free but lower-quality search, you can always use your airline web site or phone agents.

If you are concerned about point usage, take a look at the Guide to Effective Award Search for more help on how to search effectively using your points.

I did a few searches and I don't seem to see any improvement?

On average, with a combination of features, such as wide selection of airline sites, advanced optimizing backend, and a powerful web viewer, Award Nexus can deliver 20% or more in redemption improvements (in time saved, better flight options, or shorter layovers).

However, if you have only done a few searches, you may not have enough searches for the High-Quality Search Engine to be evident. This is especially true, if your initial searches are only a few points each.

For best results, try doing a few more searches and selecting more options (10 - 15 points per search). Your point usage should be at least 50 - 100 points for each one-way award. This will ramp up the search engine and get you a better sense of the improvements.

Which level should I purchase?

For basic planning of 1 - 2 trips, the Basic level is sufficient.

If you expect to redeem more than 3 awards in the next 12 months, consider getting the Advanced level. You get more access allowances and a much greater deposit of points, for more effective planning.

For very frequent redemption of 8 or more long-haul, multi-segment premium awards, get the Expert level. Not only do you get a large allotment of points, you also receive the highest level of access.

Do my points or premium status expire?

Your points and premium status are guaranteed to be active and fully usable for at least 12 months from date of purchase of this offer.

We do not currently enforce a expiration policy, so your points and status remains active even after 12 months. Should we apply any expiration policy in the future, we guarantee that any points or status that you purchase today will be active for at least 12 months from the date of purchase of this offer.

Your status is based on the highest level ever purchased (while active). For example, if you purchase the Expert level and later refill your account with a purchase of the Advanced level, your account still enjoys the higher Expert level privileges.

If you are concerned about points expiration and how that affects your future trip planning, feel free to email support@awardnexus.com.

Have more questions?

If you are wondering about which premium level works best for you, feel free to email support@awardnexus.com with your trip(s) information, before your purchase.

Terms and Conditions

Special Offer: Offer limited to first time purchase only. Upon purchase of Premium Advanced or Premium Expert memberships, receive a flexible search pass with points amount equal to 140% of your purchased membership points amount. The pass is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and will be used first when you do searches. Once the pass points allowance is used up or the pass is expired, you can continue to search with the main account balance.

Premium Points Expiration: Premium points or membership status purchased today from this offer do not currently have any expiration enforced. If they become subject to any expiration in the future, you are guaranteed at least 12 months of validity from the date of purchase.

Premium Validity and Allowance: As long as you have at least 1 premium point in your account, your premium membership is active and you will have access to all premium features. Premium level is based on highest level of active premium membership. Since points from this offer do not currently expire, you may want to consolidate and purchase the highest membership level that you plan to use in the mid-term.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Booking an award trip, but not sure if premium membership is worth it?

Become a premium member, give it a good use, and if you don't find Award Nexus to have dramatically saved your time or enhanced your redemption, get a full refund within 30 days.

*standard terms apply

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