Elite Level

Members who have contributed to the development of Award Nexus, either by feedback or by usage, are recognized as elite members.

Elite membership is also conferred to certain members with exceptional community involvement or by special arrangement.

How to Qualify

Invitations are periodically sent out to members who took the time to report problems or send in feedback.


Elite members have access to additional usage allowance, on top of their base membership.

For example, a community member, who is also an elite member, has 35 point usage limit per search (25+10). If the account is upgraded to premium membership with a base limit of 50 points, the actual limit will be 60 (50+10).

FeaturesElite Members
New! Early access Invited to exclusive early access programs for new features
New! 50% point bonus Receive 50% bonus points when participating in many promotions
Usage limit per search +10 points
Segment per search +2 segments
Seat per search* +1 seat (max of 4)
Date range +7 days
Multi-Cabin First + Business or Business + Economy

* Some features have a system maximum and the elite allowance will not increase the limit beyond the system limit.


There is currently no official expiration policy for elite level. A more formal policy, based on whether the account is actively used, will be published later.

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