Premium Membership

Premium membership is designed for anyone who is serious about redeeming for their upcoming award trips.

Each premium membership purchase comes with a set one-time premium point deposit, plus full access to all the advanced features of the site, valid for as long as you have one premium point remaining in your account.

Examples of improvements

  • Make impossible redemption possible, by discovering an obscure, backtracking route
  • Upgrade to First class on Cathay Pacific Airways from another carrier
  • Monitor and catch award opening on last flight of the day and avoid overnight
  • Do a 21-day search and pinpoint the only day with non-stop award flight (miss nothing)

Expert Advanced Basic Community (Free)
Good for Up to 16 award trips 6 - 8 award trips 1 - 2 award trips 1 - 3
to redeem
Up to 1 million miles Up to 500,000 miles Up to 120,000 miles 40,000 - 80,000 miles
Premium Points 2000 +2000 bonus! 1000 +1000 bonus! 500 200 initial
100/90 days
What you get as part of your membership
Tools access Full access to all advanced planning tools, including:
  • Route Explorer
  • Trip Calculator
  • Distance Pricer
  • Automated Search
Partial access
Maximum points
per search
60 points 50 points 40 points 25 points
Maximum segments
per search
10 segments 8 segments 6 segments 4 segments
Maximum date range +21 days +14 days +7 days
Maximum passengers
(to search)
9 passengers 4 passengers 2 pax
Price and Value
Price 249 USD
129 USD
59 USD
Free by invitation
Per award
only $12 - $16
per premium round-trip
only $14 - $18
per premium round-trip
only $25 - $35
per premium round-trip
* Award availability / upgrade monitoring
only $6 - $9
per 30 days
only $7 - $10
per 30 days
only $11 - $17
per 30 days
Fuel surcharges for a
Trans-Atlantic flight award
Checked bag fees for 4 flights 10 cups of overpriced airport coffee community involvement
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* 30 days award availability / upgrade monitoring: When using Award Nexus to monitor award opening, or to upgrade your existing awards, we recommend that you use 3 - 5 points per interested segment, or 100 - 150 points per 30 days period. Actual point usage will vary, depending on the range of your dates, the number of cabins, or how many airline sites you opt to monitor.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Planning an award trip, but not sure if premium membership is worth it?

Become a premium member, use it as much as you want for 30 days, and if you don't find Award Nexus to have
dramatically saved your attention or materially improved your redemption, get a full refund.

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