Award Nexus Membership

Award Nexus is an advanced award planning service, designed to significantly speed up award planning for high-value first class, business class, or complex international mileage awards.

Premium Membership

Premium membership is geared toward planning of high-value awards, such as first class, business class, and complex international itineraries. The expanded usage allowance gives the redeemer greater awareness of award inventories, and the advanced tools allow them to intelligently focus attention on the most promising award options.

To purchase, or to learn more about the advanced features of Award Nexus, see the premium membership details.

Free Community Membership

In appreciation for the support of online travel community during the early days of Award Nexus, a free community membership is available.

Community members recevie 200 points on sign up (including first refill), plus an additional 100 points refill every 90 days (100 points is good for about 14 weeks of availability searches).

This program is a mutual cooperation. Community members are asked to test out core functionality and new features and, in turn, receive free access to all basic features and many advanced features of Award Nexus.

Qualified community members can sign up for a free community membership.

Elite Level

An additional elite level membership was created to recognized members who have made significant contributions, either to the development of Award Nexus, or to the online travel community. Elite members have additional allowance increase on top of their premium or community membership accounts.

Additional details on the elite membership level is available.

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