Award Nexus Trip Pass

12 months of unlimited search access to the most powerful award search engine!

All-Inclusive Trip Pass

  • Unlimited search access for a full year
  • Automated email alert to redeem or upgrade award
  • Access to multiple award planning tools
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

45 USD
Get Trip Pass
For typical trip

Enhanced Power Pass

  • Includes all features of a standard Trip Pass
  • Plus: Search for up to 4 passengers
  • Plus: Increased automated search minimum to 1500 points
  • Plus: Increased full-speed search minimum to 1500 points

55 USD
Get Power Pass
For complex / long-term planning

Is your trip longer than 45 days? Consider the more flexible premium memberships

Great with Premium Membership

Your purchase of a Trip Pass is complementary to premium membership.

Use Trip Pass for defined, specific trips, and use premium membership for open-ended, flexible trips. Your pick.

Learn more: Premium Membership

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Booking an award trip, but not sure if a Trip Pass is worth it?

Buy a Trip pass, use it for 30 days, and if you don't the pass to have dramatically saved your time or enhanced your redemption, get a full refund within 30 days.

*standard terms apply

Use Your Trip Pass for

Real-time Advanced Search - Discover extra or hidden award options

Use Award Nexus to QUICKLY and THOROUGHLY search for options. Run multiple 15 days searches, search 10 segments at a time, across any of the more than 50 supported airlines.

Any way you want to search, the choice is yours. Enjoy dramatically better view of award availability and pick the absolute best option for your miles!

Long-term Automated Search - Monitor new award availability

Create a daily automated search and receive emails alerts of any new award options. Perfect for when you are waiting for an award seat to open up.

Already booked and redeemed an award? You can use the automated search included with a Trip Pass to upgrade your existing award, by switching to an option with less stop, shorter trip time, or a more premium carrier product.

Everything Included

A single Trip Pass purchase gives you full access to ALL award planning features and tools:

  • Unlimited search access, with 1000 points minimum guaranteed for full-speed access (1500 points guaranteed for Power Pass)
  • Valid for trips that complete within a 45 days period, up to 3 destinations, in First, Business, or Economy class, for 2 passengers (4 passengers for Power Pass).
  • One-way and round-trip searches supported between any of the destinations, including return to origin.
  • Search up to 10 segments, 15-days period, 25 points at a time
  • Access to Search Builder
  • Access to Route Explorer
  • Access to Trip Calculator
  • Access to Distance Pricer
  • Create 1 daily automated search (up to 10 points), within first 1000 points of usage (up to 1500 points for Power Pass)
  • Continue running existing automated search, even after 1000 points usage, for up to 60 days (1500 points usage for Power Pass)

Review the Trip Pass User Guide

Have question about whether a Trip Pass is right for you?
Just send an email, with your trip information, to for help.

Existing Trip Pass holders are welcome to contact for help.

Trip Pass or Power Pass?

A Power Pass is an enhanced version of Trip Pass. A Power Pass comes with everything included in a Trip Pass, plus have their automated search allowance and minimum full-speed search guarantee increased to 1500 points.

Generally, you should pick Power Pass if you want:

  • to search 3 or 4 passengers
  • increased automated search allowance for 4+ months long-term award monitoring
  • to run frequent complex searches


  • A Trip Pass is valid for 12 months from issue and all travel must be completed by that time
  • A Trip Pass is valid for a single trip, which is defined as a trip within a 45 days period, to up to 3 destinations, on any class of service, on any supported airline, for 2 passengers
  • Before a Trip Pass can be used, you must activated it for your specific trip dates and cities.
  • An activated Trip Pass cannot be changed to another trip, except within the first 100 points of usage
  • Your searches can be between any two points inside the set of all activated airports
  • A Trip Pass includes 1000 guaranteed minimum points to full-speed search, plus additional search access beyond the minimum
  • You can create an active daily automated search, valid for up to 60 days, while your total point usage is below 1000 points
  • You cannot create or change any automated search after 1000 points of usage, but the existing automated search will continue to function up to validity
  • You must initiate search by clicking from your Trip Pass, so that point usage will not be deducted from your main account balance
  • Usage with a Trip Pass is subjected to the general site-wide Fair Usage Policy (currently 100 points daily). Searches above this level may be throttled
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