Guide to Your Trip Pass

Congratulations on your purchase! You now have access to the most powerful, most advanced award search service for your trip.

Do you have a Power Pass? All Trip Pass features and allowances applies, except that you have access to up to 4 passengers, and up to 1500 points guaranteed search and automated search thresholds minimums.

Where can I find my Trip Passes?

You can find your purchased and other Trip Passes by clicking the "Manage Trip Passes" button on the home page.

You can also find it at the top menu, under "Award Search"

How do I search with my Trip Pass?

You can search by clicking "Find Award" on your Trip Pass page. You can also search by clicking on "Search" on the list of your Trip Passes, under "Manage Trip Passes".

Remember that you MUST click from the Trip Pass to have unlimited search. If you search from the regular search page, point usage will be deducted from your main account balance. You should see a Trip Pass banner whenever you do a search.

You should review the Guide to Effective Award Search for more tips on how to search efficiently and effectively.

What can I search with my Trip Pass?

You can search any segment between any of your activated airports in your Trip Pass. You can also include additional airports that are en-route between any of your activated airports, as long as one of the airports is part of Trip Pass and the travel distance is less than 150% over non-stop.

For example, if you are originating in Boston and you are going to Frankfurt and Paris, you can search the following routes:

  • ALLOWED: Boston (BOS) - Frankfurt (FRA)
  • ALLOWED: Frankfurt (FRA) - Paris (CDG)
  • ALLOWED: Boston (BOS) - London (LHR) / BOS is in the Trip Pass and LHR is en-route and within 150% of BOS-FRA
  • ALLOWED: Amsterdam (AMS) - Boston (BOS) / BOS is in the Trip Pass and AMS is en-route and within 150% of FRA-BOS
  • NOT ALLOWED: Frankfurt (FRA) - Los Angeles (LAX) / LAX is not en-route between any of the airports
  • NOT ALLOWED: New York (JFK) - Amsterdam (AMS) / neither JFK nor AMS is an airport in the Trip Pass

Can I change my date, airports, or reuse my Trip Pass for another trip?

A Trip Pass gives unlimited search for a single trip in a 45-days travel period. Generally, once activated, you cannot make changes and you cannot reuse the pass for another trip.

However, as an exception to provide flexibility, you can make changes to the date and airports, within your first 100 points of usage.

How do I use a Trip Pass to monitor award availability?

On the list of your Trip Passes (under "Manage Trip Passes"), you can click on "details", then click on "Monitor Award" to set up an automated search for your trip.

Are there limits on automated search?

You can only set up one automated search per Trip Pass. However, if you need to monitor multiple routes, you can put them all in the same automated search.

You have full access to create, modify, or cancel automated searches while your total pass usage is below 1000 points. Once you are above that usage, you cannot make any further change to automated search.

For example, let's say you used 800 points and booked a 2-stop award option for your trip. However, you are hoping that award space on the non-stop flight will open up. If you set up a 5 points search for 60 days, you automated search will run first for 40 days (from 800 points to 1000 points usage), then you can no longer modify it, but it will continue for another 20 days before expiring (60 days total).

1000 points is an very generous amount of usage. For example, assuming you use about 400 points for real-time searches, you still have 600 point of allowance left, which is good for a typical 5 points automated running continuously for 4 months (5 x 120 days).

What happens when my Trip Pass total usage exceeds 1000 points?

Your Trip Pass comes with unlimited search accesss, with 1000 points of high-speed guaranteed. Once your have used more than 1000 points on your pass:

  • Your searches may be throttled, which means you can only do smaller searches (5 points max) and may need to wait a little between your searches.
  • You can no longer create an automated search or modify an existing one. However, whatever automated search you setup before the usage exceed 1000 points will continue to function.

1000 points is a very generous amount of points. Most trips will use only between 300 - 500 points. You should review the Guide to Effective Award Search for more tips on how to search efficiently and effectively.

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