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About Award Nexus

Award Nexus is a High-Quality Award Search Engine for finding First class, Business class, or complex route flight mileage awards.

With one click, you can search across multiple airline sites, dozen of destinations, or weeks of travel dates. An advanced web viewer automatically filters the hundreds of flight options available and pinpoints the best options.

Looking for the best experience? You can evaluate options by flights on premier carriers, such as Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific, or layovers at the fanciest airport lounges (try the Japan Airlines First lounge in Tokyo).

In event that you do not find any awards, you can set up an automated search and receive an email alert, when an award becomes available.

What is High-Quality Award Search?

If you have redeemed at least one award, you know that your mileage program have phone agents or free web sites that you can use to search for awards.

Because these phone and web resources are designed to search for typical domestic or lower-value economy awards, they don't always return results with the widest search coverage or deepest search strategies. This means that there are often options that a basic standard award search will miss.

Award Nexus has been designed from-the-ground-up to be a High-Quality Award Search Engine. Instead of the typical free but lower-quality searches done by airline sites or phone agents, usage in Award Nexus is measured by points and you are charged a small fee for your searches. In return, searches in Award Nexus, on average, return 20% more results than a standard search.

For high-value awards, a 20% increase in flight options could mean flying on the premier carrier with the best service, or skipping hours of layover time, or being able to redeem for the free flight at all, using your miles.

High-Quality Award Search Features

Why miss an award, when you don't have to? Learn about features that help you maximize your award redemption success.

Wide Coverage of Airline Sites

Award Nexus supports award searches on all 27 Star Alliance airlines, all 13 Oneworld airlines, plus all 19 SkyTeam airlines, with multiple airline site choices for each alliance. This wide coverage allow you to "see" more awards in one search, directly lead to better award redemption in many cases.

One-Click Multi-Search

Want to search 10 destinations at a time? Want to search 28 days of award availability? Want to do the same search across 50+ airlines in Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam? Award Nexus has been designed for multi-destination, multi-origin, multi-week, multi-site, multi-cabins, and multi-whatever searches - just one click to start your search.

Pinpoint with Powerful Web Viewer

Search results in Award Nexus are displayed in the powerful Web Viewer, which filters out the hundreds of poor-value options. You can review hundreds of flights in seconds without missing the best option.

Highly-Accurate Calendar Search

Your plan is flexible? Don't rely on the "Calendar View" on many airline sites. In virtually all cases, these calendar or week-long display are limited in search quality. Sometimes they only include the home carrier, other times only non-stop flights, and sometimes they are just plain not accurate! In contrast, when you do a week-long search with Award Nexus, all search days are fully searched, ensuring that you see every option, for every day.

Automated Search and Email Alerts

Award availability changes all the time. Assuming that you are not traveling on the most-peak day, even when your initial search could not find an award flight, most of the time one or more flight options eventually become available. To avoid missing awards, you can use the automated search feature of Award Nexus to effortlessly monitor award availability. You can receive an email only if a particular flight option is found, or for those obssessed with their trips, receive a daily update of all award options, perfect for gauging your award chances or upgrading an award ticket that you have already booked.

Search Query Optimization

To ensure maximum response, Award Nexus automatically evaluate, adapt, and optimize your search query for each airline site. This can often results in additional award options, compared to if you do the search manually yourself. For example, for Oneworld (BA), Award Nexus will automatically force partner airline coverage. This allows you to see awards on other Oneworld carriers, directly leading to more redemption options.

Automatic Retry with Clear Error Messages and Helpful Hints

Airline sites or phone agents often return vague or non-existent error messages, leaving you confused as to why nothing is available. When faced with temporary errors, Award Nexus intelligently retries your search to ensure best results. If the search is still unsuccessful, Award Nexus returns clear warning and error messages, often with helpful explanations and hints, ensuring that you have a chance to tweak your search and not miss an award.

Is Award Nexus right for me?

Award Nexus may be right for you, if:

  • you value your "free ticket" highly ($1000+ USD per international trip)
  • you value your time and attention
  • you like being in-control and being aware of full range of options

How can I sign up for Award Nexus?

You can review the premium options and purchase the level for your expected number of awards redeemed for the next 18 months.

You can also review the other free membership levels available.

Is there a free account available?

If you have an account at or, you are eligible for a free community membership! members can sign up immediately with their FT username. members can sign up with instruction on

* Award Nexus is an independent service on behalf of travelers with miles, and is not affiliated with any airline program.

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